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Accidents can be devastating. While money can’t buy away pain, stress, and permanent disability, having financial tools can get you the resources you require to recover. The truth is: accidents don’t just affect the people directly involved. If the victim was a breadwinner that others depended on, an entire household can be under financial stress.

That’s why it’s important to get all the compensation you can. Timothy Vondette, an attorney in Vancouver, can help you navigate the law and fight for maximum compensation. Other than the compensation reasons listed as examples below, remember that even if you are at fault in the accident, you may be entitled to benefits.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering when you were not at fault is called “non-pecuniary damages.” The Supreme Court of Canada sets a cap on how much can be awarded, which is tied to inflation. Of course, no two injury cases are alike. Victims should take care to document their diagnosis, prognosis, and other information related to their injury.

Loss of Income

You may be entitled to compensation for the effects of the injury on your earning potential. Being injured often means people are unable to go to work, work as productively, or be hired by a new employer. Compensation is based on several factors, so it is important to document the prognosis of your injury before settling with ICBC.

Cost of Care

Whether it be psychological or physical trauma, serious injuries often require specialized care, care that costs money. Compensation for cost of care can cover a large variety of medical expenses, such as physiotherapy, mental health counselling, medications, medical equipment, and even housekeeping and home maintenance expenses. Victims may also be compensated for child care, occupational therapy, and career counselling.

Help from Family

Taking care of someone isn’t easy. Family members may have to go out of their way to support their injured loved one, which may include missing work or even extensive hours of care that leave family members exhausted physically and mentally. The court recognizes these sacrifices, so family members may be entitled to compensation as well.

If need help advocating for compensation, please contact us. Timothy Vondette is a Vancouver-based attorney with more than two decades of experience; he welcomes clients and their families to seek his professional support.

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